Getting a startup bootstrapped is stressful, and time consuming. It’s imperative stakeholders see rapid progress and momentum building quickly. The early decisions can define whether it’s a smooth or a more bumpy ride.

There’s so much to do; funding, branding, premises, talent, IP protection, manufacturing, IT. Choosing partners who understand startups can be crucial to the success of the business.

That’s where an experienced IT consultant can be invaluable in helping you choose the right model (device as a service, leasing, lease with buy option, software as a service. ERP vs integrated best of breed,  Lets  get the IT infrastructure and  business systems up and running as quickly as possible; whilst implementing non-intrusive processes, that conform to industry standards and best practices that will scale with your business.

Last by definitely not least and perhaps crucial to your success, partnerships with suppliers  who will attend to your needs timely, professionally, and cost effectively.

I’ve worked with pretty much all the main players in the Ireland and the UK; I know their strengths/weaknesses, and I’ve a wealth of contacts built up over my career. I’ve experience in many different industries, and have worked on projects both big and small all over Europe, US, Asia, and Australia.